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Perfect for bachelorette parties, GNO, wine nights and just plain pillow talk.


Hostess receives 50% off their session just for hosting.

After 3 people sign up, hostess gets their session FREE!

First 3 people who sign up to host will receive a free photo book with their session!

Maximum of six 30 minute slots per party.

Unlimited outfit changes

Hostess must provide location (home, condo, hotel room).


So...what is a "Picture Me Sexy" Party??? Its a time to get your favorite girls together, get dolled up and pose for tasteful, beautiful boudoir photos. These can be in front of your friends or can be private in another room. The photos will be edited and will then be provided to you on a CD, to do as you wish. The party is designed to have up to 6 people sign up for photos, but you can invite as many people as you'd like to come and enjoy a glass of wine.


~So get your favorite girls together, put some wine on ice and get dolled up!

I’ll take care of the rest!~


**Fee includes photo session and CD with unlimited printing rights. Photo books and photo items are available for purchase.**

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Time to update a bit!  

Wow cannot even begin to describe my week last week. Everything started off fine....until Tuesday. Sick to my stomach, chills, fever, the unmentionables....yuck! 2 Urgent Care visits later, I had a bad stomach bug. So with all that being said, I have been out of it for about 4 days but I am slowly getting back in to the swing of things.

First thing to look forward to.... Yvonne and Chase's Eden State Park wedding!! This event will be next weekend and I am beyond excited!


(Stephanie Wood Photography) Sun, 15 Apr 2012 00:50:31 GMT
My Week! Wow what a week this has been! So many things happened and I cant wait to share!


1st off- through my friends in the community, I learned of "Now I lay me down to sleep" which is an organization that provides photographers for families who have lost a child shortly after birth, still birth, etc. While some may find it a hard task to complete, I find it to be the best gift that I could give to a family that has suffered a horrible event.  So I applied to be a photographer for our Bay County hospitals! My application will go through a committee and will take a couple of weeks to review. I am hoping for good news! :)


Next, I used my living room as beginners studio! I bought some "faux" hard wood floors from Dollar General, put a sheet up and used my external flash as lighting! Wasnt too bad for my first try, but I definitely have room for improvement.


Last, I met with a wonderful bride and groom.  I am looking forward to the wedding not only because I know this family but because it will be on the beach, at sunset, in May and will be laid back! Cant wait!


I must go back to editing but figured I would update my blog. I'll try to make it a every Sunday thing :)

Have a good week!!!

(Stephanie Wood Photography) now i lay me down to sleep Sun, 26 Feb 2012 18:46:35 GMT
The Beginning I am pretty sure that I am at the beginning of my career as a photographer. Everything has been falling in to place and have gained so much support from family and friends.

Last week alone, I booked another April wedding and was chosen to be the official photographer for the "Second Chance Prom" supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Bay County.  While all this is amazing, it also means that I have a lot on my plate :)

I still work 40 hours a week as a social worker so I am trying to add a couple hours to my day, I cant find an app for that thought ;)


Thank you for checking out my site and hope you enjoy what I will be posting in the next couple of months!

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